How to Remove a Laser Engraving Mark on the Lenses for Glasses

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Frequently the manufacturer's logo is etched by laser onto the lenses of new glasses. If the logo is in a spot where it can't be seen, it usually isn't too much of a problem. There are cases, however, in which the logo is situated in a prominent location thereby making it a constant distraction. Fortunately the etching only mars the outside surface layer of the glass or plastic comprising the eyeglass lenses, and is easily removed at home with just a few materials and some know how.

Rub the lens that is etched with a cleaner like Goof Off or acetone using a soft cloth. Apply firm pressure. If the substance you perceived as an etch is removed in this manner, it was likely an adhesive or some other substance. If it does not come off, the design is likely etched.

Mix 1 tsp of cerium oxide with water a little at a time until it makes a slurry paste the consistency of pancake batter. Cerium oxide can be found at glass shops, on eBay or a glass work supplier. An online source is

Use a soft cloth pad to rub the slurry on the etching located on the lens. Rub in a circular motion for four to five minutes.

Rinse the lens thoroughly and dry it with a soft cloth. Inspect the lens to see if the etch mark has been removed. If it has not, repeat the process again until the etch mark is gone.

Wash the lens thoroughly with soap and water. Do not dry the lens.

Use the sandpaper and sand the mark lightly in a circular motion. Pressing too hard on the glasses may cause you to scratch them or sand off too many layers of plastic.

Rinse the lens as you are sanding it with a light stream of water from the faucet. It is important to keep the lens wet while sanding in order to prevent too many layers of plastic from being removed.

Repeat these steps until the laser etch mark is gone. Wash with soap and water. Dry the lens with a microfiber cloth.

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