How to Troubleshoot a SteamTek Steam Mop

The SteamTek Steam Mop is produced by the Home-Tek TV Company, which manufactures items that are commonly sold on television during infomercials and on home shopping networks. The SteamTek mop uses a continuous flow of hot water converted into steam to clean floors, tiles and other surfaces. The device uses no cleaning formulas or chemicals and includes both a microfiber pad for floors and a pad for carpets and other upholstery surfaces. The mop comes with a one-year limited guarantee. Users may encounter the occasional difficulty, which can typically be resolved through troubleshooting efforts.

Make sure the power cord is properly connected to the SteamTek mop as well as a working power supply if the mop is not turning on. Reset circuit breakers or fuses in your home's circuit-breaker box as necessary. Try plugging in the mop to different electrical sockets, as well.

Ensure the water tank is filled to the fill line with water if the SteamTek mop is not producing steam or is not producing enough steam. The water tank be filled to the fill line prior to every use. You can pour water directly into the hole on the water tank.

Avoid leaving the steam mop in one place for too long, including during storage, if residue is left on the floor. Dip a clean cloth in white vinegar and rub the residue to remove. Rinse the spot with water. Always remove the cleaning pad from the cleaning head prior to storage and store the mop upright if possible.

Remove lime scale from the steam mop if the mop produces steam slowly even when the water tank is full. Combine 1/3 cup white vinegar and 2/3 cup water and pour into the water tank. Position the steam mop so the steam will release into the air and not the floor or onto surrounding objects. Plug the steam mop into the power outlet and wait 30 seconds for the mop to heat. Press the cleaning trigger to move the vinegar mixture through the steam mop. Repeat until no cleaning mixture remains in the tank. Remove the tank and rinse thoroughly with water. Refill with clean water and reattach to the steam unit. Press the trigger until all the water has dispensed from the mop. Disconnect from the power source and store until the next use.

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