How to troubleshoot a Karcher Dirtblaster

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The Dirtblaster is a spray cleaning lance attachment for Karcher home pressure washers from the range K1 to K7. It channels the water from the washer into an even more highly pressured spray and is ideal for cleaning patios and for removing moss from garden paths, according to Karcher. If a problem occurs, it may have a simple solution and it is always worth troubleshooting the device yourself before making a potentially expensive service call.

Remove the water inlet filter on the pressure washer by pulling it out with flathead pliers. Rinse under cold water and ensure the filter is free of dirt and debris. Replace the filter.

Unwind the water supply hose fully from the reel and ensure it is a minimum of 8m/25 feet long.

Press the lance locking nipples until they disengage and pull to remove the Dirtblaster from the washer hose.

Remove obvious dirt and debris from the Dirtblaster nozzle. Clean the nozzle holes with a needle. Rinse the nozzle with cold water.

Pull the pressure washer gun trigger to check if it works without the Dirtblaster attached.

Push the Dirtblaster lance into the pressure washer hose until the locking nipples engage.

Pull the pressure washer gun trigger.

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