How to install a vileda bee mop refill

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The Vileda Bee is a sponge mop that uses a sponge designed to dry faster than a traditional sponge mop. Vileda Bee sponge heads are disposable; you can replace them with refill heads when they wear out. Using a new refill sponge head helps to ensure that the mop can effectively clean the floor surface that it is being used on. Vileda recommends using only refill sponge heads that are specifically designed for the Vileda Bee sponge mop.

Position the mop so the sponge head is chest high and the tip of the handle is on the floor.

Move the wringing lever in the middle of the handle all the way toward the sponge head.

Press down on the sponge head. Move the sponge to the side to slide it out of the sponge clamp.

Insert the end of the refill sponge head into the sponge head slot. Slide the refill onto the mop until it is in the proper position.

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