How to Prevent Streaking With Steam Mops

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Steam mops use steam to loosen and lift dirt off the floor. Unlike the manual mop, the steam mop does not require chemicals. This makes it a safer method of cleaning floors, especially for those consumers who have young children and pets. It is necessary to prepare the floors before use to prevent the appearance of dirt streaks at the end of the cleaning process. It is always best to follow the instructions specific to a particular brand of steam mop for satisfactory results.

Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove all dust and debris. If not, the dirt will leave streaks on the floor.

Press the appropriate button on the device to release steam. When the steam appears, begin to pass the mop over the floor slowly to clean. Clean the floor in sections to avoid going over clean areas with a mop pad that contains dirt from other sections.

Do not let the mop pad stand on a spot for longer than 15 seconds otherwise it may create a white circle on the floor. If this occurs, try removing the stain with a cloth and a few drops of white vinegar.

Add more water to the mop's water tank as needed. Usually, the mop will stop producing steam when the tank is dry.

Change the mop pad when it becomes very dirty. Accumulated dirt on the pad will also cause streaks on the floor.

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