How to Display Sandwiches on Serving Trays

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Parties and celebrations usually include food for the guests. This food may be presented as a formal dinner, buffet style or placed on trays. Make the food appetizing and keep sanitation in mind with your presentation. Group like sandwiches together and prevent guests from reaching over other sandwiches to grasp their favourite. Tray selection also depends in part on the quantity of food prepared. Make a statement with your presentation as you give thought to the food and how it looks.

Make your sandwiches. Mix up the meats, the cheeses and the breads. Add a slice of a tomato, lettuce and pickle to half the sandwiches. Apply the mayonnaise or the mustard to some sandwiches, while leaving others plain. Quarter the sandwiches made with mayonnaise. Diagonally cut triangles for mustard-based sandwiches. Divide the sandwiches by bread, meats and condiments and group together. Set aside.

Select the shape of your serving tray from round, oval, square or rectangular. Determine what size is required for the sandwiches. Clean the tray and cover with the decorative paper.

Point the sandwich tip to the middle of a round or oval tray. Create a pie effect as you keep the crust facing the outer portion of the tray. Layer sandwiches from the inside out for the first layer on the tray. Add a second layer above the first. Lay the second set of sandwiches across the middle of the two bottom sandwiches creating a brick wall pattern. Complete this process until all sandwiches are displayed.

Create a layer of sandwiches facing each other in the middle row for a square or rectangular tray. Apply the first layer of the sandwiches with the crusts facing out. Add the remaining sandwiches on top.

Fill the edge of the tray with garnish. Tuck small pieces of lettuce under the sandwiches. Allow the ends of the lettuce to cover the trays rim.

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