How to preserve a fresh flower in resin

Mimi Haddon/Stockbyte/Getty Images

When given flowers to celebrate a momentous occasion, you might want to preserve one of them to maintain the memory. This can be accomplished by encapsulating the fresh flower in a plastic resin.

Once the resin drys, you will have a clear view of the fresh flower, and the flower will not be able to decay, as it has no access to oxygen.

Cut the flower to the desired size. Remove some of the leaves, if desired.

Lay out a few sheets of newspaper to protect the workspace area. Slide on a pair of gloves. Make sure the room is ventilated well.

Coat the fresh flower with a resin spray. If this step is skipped, the flower may not hold up during the casting process. The resin spray will harden the flower and keep it together. Wait for the resin spray to harden before continuing.

Lay a mould on top of the newspaper. Molds are available at most crafts stores. The mould can be rectangular or round. The preference is yours.

Mix the plastic resin and the catalyst as instructed on the packaging label. Once combined, pour it into the mould until one-third of the mould is covered. Wait for the resin to become rubbery before continuing.

Mix another batch of plastic resin and catalyst. Set the fresh flower on top of the first layer of resin. Pour the new batch over the flower. Do this carefully, making sure to get it in between the flower petals. Completely cover the flower. Wait for the plastic resin to become rubbery before adding a final layer.

Mix a final batch of plastic resin with the catalyst. Pour it in the mould until the top of the mould is reached. Allow the resin to harden for 24 hours before popping it out of the mould.