How to Convert PWI to a DOC

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PWI files are "Pocket Word" files. They are created with the Windows Mobile edition version of the Microsoft Word application. DOC files are created with the Windows desktop edition of the Microsoft Word application. Since both are created with Microsoft Word, PWI and DOC files are compatible.

To convert a PWI file to DOC, you need to use the desktop edition of Word to open the PWI file. Then save the opened file to the desktop edition of Word. First, however, you have to transfer the PWI file to a desktop computer.

Log into the computer using an account with administrator rights.

Go to the download Windows Mobile Device Center (see Resources).

Click the "Continue" button. Follow the prompts to download the installer file. When the download is complete, a dialogue box will open. Click "Run" in the dialogue box to launch the installation wizard.

Follow the wizard's prompts to install the software.

Connect your mobile device to the desktop computer using the USB cable/cradle that came with it. Once the device is connected, Windows Mobile Device Center will launch automatically.

Open the browse window. In Windows Mobile Center, click "File Management."

Browse to the location where the PWI file you want to convert to DOC is stored.

Right-click on the PWI file and select "Copy" from the shortcut menu.

Right-click on an empty area of the computer's desktop and select "Paste from the shortcut menu."

Launch Microsoft Word on the desktop computer.

Type "Ctrl" plus "O" to open the "Open" dialogue box.

Click the "Look In" drop-down menu and select "Desktop," where the PWI file is saved on the desktop computer. Click on the PWI file to select it. Click "Open" to open the file in Microsoft Word.

Open the "File" menu by clicking the "Office" logo in the upper left corner of the window. Select "Save as" to open the "Save as" dialogue box.

Enter the file's name in the "File name" box. Click the "Save as type" drop-down menu. Select "Word 97- 2003." Click "Save."