How to Open an Asahi Beer Keg

Juan Silva/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Asahi is a Japanese beer that has become more popular in U.S. markets due to the increased popularity of imported lagers. Asahi beer is one of the most prominent imported lagers on the market, finding its way into supermarkets and restaurants across the U.S. Some distributors even offer Asahi kegs. Though Asahi kegs use a less common keg coupler, opening an Asahi keg is the same as any standard keg if you have the right equipment.

Attach your beer line to your Type S European Sankey keg coupler. The beer line should be fully inserted over the metal shank of both the keg coupler and the tap. Most lines will stay in place on their own; however, you can use a small metal tightening collar to secure the lines in place.

Attach your gas line to your Type-S European Sankey keg coupler. The gas line attaches to the keg coupler and the CO2 tank in the same way that the beer line is attached. Set your CO2 pressure as close to 5.44 Kilogram as possible.

Attach your keg coupler to the keg by lining up the metal tabs of the coupler with the spaces in the top of the Asahi keg. Fit the coupler inside the metal opening and turn clockwise. Secure the keg coupler onto the Asahi keg by pulling the keg coupler handle out and down while simultaneously turning clockwise. Release the keg coupler handle in the down position after the coupler is locked in place.

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