How to Donate Bandages

If you work in a clinic or another place where you have extra bandages that you do not need, you can donate them to a charitable organisation.

Your bandage donation can go to places such as local care facilities and shelters, or you can send the donations to an organisation that gets the medical supplies to people in need in other countries. Bandages should be clean and sterile so that they can be used.

Choose a non-profit organisation for your bandages donations. Use the Charity Vault website (See Resources) to identify medical charities. Examples of charities that accept bandages as donations include SAT Global (for youth soccer players in other countries) and Global Health Ministries.

Contact the charity to confirm that bandages are accepted as donations. Use the contact details listed for the charity on the Charity Vault page.

Pack your bandages in a sturdy box for mailing to the charity, unless you are donating to a local organisation. It is important to pack in a study box as your donation is sometimes sent in the same box to the people in need of the bandages. If you are mailing the bandages and you need a receipt, enclose a self-address stamped envelope for that purpose.

Take your package to your local shipping centre for mailing or drop off the bandages at the donation centre if you are donating to a local organisation.