How to Tell Fake & Real Baby Milo Hoodies

Baby Milo is a subdivision of Bape, a Japanese clothing company. Bape is famous for its urban and hip hop clothing, and the Baby Milo hoodies are one of the more sought after items. Unfortunately lots of fake and copycat Baby Milo hoodies have made their way into the market.

But they are easy to spot if you know what to look for. Follow this advice to ensure your hoodie is authentic and worth the money you spend on it.

Check the diamonds on the hoodie. A real Baby Milo hoodie has diamonds attached on the lettering, but fakes have diamonds attached around the outside of the lettering.The diamonds on a real Baby Milo should be white, square, and evenly spaced. Whereas, on a fake, they tend to look more faded and haphazardly glued on.

Look at the hoodie's colours. A real Baby Milo should have clean white lettering, while fakes are more yellow coloured. Fakes usually have too much colour. Print off a photo of the hoodie you want when you go shopping. Compare the colouring to ensure yours is authentic.

Check the zippers. An authentic Baby Milo hoodie should have a concealed zip, whereas fakes have their zip on display.

Buy your hoodie from a respected outlet to ensure your get an authentic piece of clothing. The price for Baby Milo hoodies is roughly three hundred dollars. If the price you're paying seems too good to be true, it probably means it's not genuine Bape clothing. Bape have an online store where you can buy their hoodies which are guaranteed to be genuine.