How to unlock a Snap-on tool chest

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Snap-on is a tool maker whose products are sold throughout the world. One of its flagship products is the Snap-on tool chest. If you have lost your keys to your tool chest and it is locked, you can order a replacement, but it may take some time to arrive. If you need to get to your tools right away, there are a couple of alternatives to consider.

Get a key from neighbours, friends or colleagues who own a Snap-on tool chest. Snap-on only has a few keys made for its locks. One of the keys that you get may work; if not you will have to unlock it yourself using a drill and a flathead screwdriver.

Get a 5 cm (2 inch) drill bit that will fit into the chest lock. Insert the drill bit into your power drill. Position it on top of the lock's hole. Turn on the power drill and start drilling into the hole of the lock. Drill until all of the pin locks are broken.

Insert a flathead screwdriver into the lock's hole, and twist it like a key. This should open the lock. If not, find a bigger drill bit and drill through the holes again before using the flathead screwdriver as a key.

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