How to Resest a Heys Luggage Lock

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Heys USA Group is a manufacturer of travel goods and accessories which also produces resettable luggage locks. Heys includes luggage locks with many of its bags and sells separate luggage locks in travel stores and airport outlets. Heys hardside, softside, graphite frame, TSA, ePac and built-in luggage locks are all resettable. Each has a slightly different arrangement of buttons and parts but shares a basic reset process.

Turn the combination pad to "0-0-0". This is the preset combination which all Heys locks will have from the factory.

Lift the U-shaped metal clasp upward and away from the lock to open it.

Rotate the clasp one-quarter turn until the open end faces the front of the lock case. Press the clasp down into the lock case firmly.

Continue to hold the clasp down and rotate the clasp further until the open end faces away from the lock case.

Set the new combination by turning the 3 displayed numbers to your desired code.

Release the clasp and turn back toward the lock case.

Turn your Heys lock to the current combination and open it. If your lock is new, it will have a preset combination of 0-0-0.

Press and hold the reset button or adjustment bar toward the printed arrow on your Heys lock. The button is located front of your hardside luggage lock, on the side of your softside or graphite frame luggage lock and on the top of your ePac backpack luggage lock.

Turn the 3 displayed numbers to the combination you desire.

Return the reset button or adjustment bar to its normal position.

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