How to Remove a Badminton Grommet

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Badminton can be played professionally or at a laid-back setting like a family barbecue. Playing badminton means using rackets for every move. Sometimes these rackets become damaged or worn out if used for a prolonged period. You can replace the strings on a racket or even a damaged badminton grommet.

Find grommets and grommet replacing tools at sporting goods stores or through online retailers.

Purchase the correct size grommet for your racket. Bring in the racket to a sporting goods store and ask an employee for assistance. Or, look on the racket for a grommet size.

Take a 3mm grommet grinder tool and insert it into the grommet on the outside of the racket.

Twist the tool back and forth in the hole where the grommet is. Do this until the grommet disconnects from the racket's strip.

Remove the grommet that you're replacing.