How to Paint a Bear Face on a Baby

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Painting a squirmy baby's face is a challenge, but it can be accomplished if you focus on only the most important details of your ideal design. Complete your baby's bear costume by detailing the nose and whisker details instead of trying to paint the baby's entire face. Add ears and a sweatsuit in brown, black or white to complete your baby's fuzzy bear ensemble for Halloween. Keep all face paint or make-up away from your baby's eyes and mouth and use only nontoxic make-up for safety.

Lay the baby on her back on the floor or strap her into her high chair to keep her sitting still while you paint her face.

Sharpen a black eyeliner pencil or dip a thin brush into nontoxic black face paint.

Colour the tip of your baby's nose black, covering the area below the bridge and down and over the sides above the nostrils.

Draw black dots between your baby's nose and mouth.

Draw black lines extending from the dotted area over the baby's cheeks for bear whiskers.

Dress your baby in her costume to complete her bear disguise.

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