How to Boot OQO Model 2 From a Disk

cd on cd image by Stephen Kirkby from

OQO no longer makes portable computers. One of the machines that a number of computer users may still own goes by the name of the OQO Model 02. This machine contains both the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

If you own one of these computers, and wish to boot the device from a disk, you need to know how to highlight your boot configuration.

Turn off your computer. Connect your Model 2 to a wall outlet so that you have a power source with which to work. Insert your USB flash drive into an empty USB slot on your computer and then put your Windows XP installation CD in your optical drive.

Turn on your computer. Press "FN" and do not let go. Push "Delete" without a pause until you see your BIOS menu come up on the screen.

Highlight the words "Boot Configuration" via your arrow keys. Press "Enter." Highlight "Boot Order" and press "Enter" once more. Choose your USB flash drive as the device from which to boot. Close your BIOS and save your changes.

Restart your computer.

Press "FN" and "Delete" without a pause to bring up your BIOS. Repeat the process from Step 3, but this time make the "C" drive the device from which your system boots.