How to Unlock a Bush DVD Player

DVD control panel with a STOP sign image by Peter Ivanov from

The production companies of films across the world use DVD region codes to limit and control the dispersion and viewing of their movies in different places. The code is enabled when the DVD is placed into a DVD player, which reads the code. If the DVD is not of the same region as the player, you will not be able to watch the disc. If you have a Bush DVD player, you can attempt several hacks for your particular model of player until successfully unlock the player.

Insert the disc into the tray and leave the tray open. Press the "0" button on the remote, followed by "1," "2" and "3." Press "Play" to close the disc tray and start the DVD.

Place the disc into the disc tray and do not close it. Press the "Return" button. Press "Play."

Select the "Open/Close" button and press the numbers "3,3,0,8 and 8." Select whichever region you want or select "0" for all regions.

Press "Open." Press "7." Press "Enter." Press "7" again. Choose the region you want from the menu.

Push "Open". Press the numbers "2,0,0 and 1" and choose from the displayed menu.

Press "Open" to open the tray. Push "Stop." Enter the numbers "1,9,9 and 9" and choose the region you want to use or select "All" for all regions.

Open the disc tray from the remote and enterthe numbers "1,3,6 and 9" to bring up the region menu.

Press "Open" to open the disc tray. Push the numbers "2, 8, 1 and 2." Press the "Close" button.

Open the disc tray and put a DVD of the region to which you want to switch without closing the tray. Press "Return." Press the "Play" button.

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