How to Make a Life-Sized Silhouette Cardboard Cutout

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Whether you are making a life-size silhouette for a Halloween party, a play or just for fun, this craft is an easy and incredibly effective way to add a touch of fun to any occasion.

If you simply want to project a silhouette onto a canvas, the project will take only minutes, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort then you can make your silhouette look truly spectacular.

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Measure the height of the person you want to make the silhouette of, and purchase the correct size of cardboard. Remember that if you are going to eventually decorate the silhouette or are planning to add a hat or headdress, the initial sheet of cardboard will need to be even larger.

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Draw an outline of the person in pencil so you can correct any mistakes. If fitting it to someone's size, get the person to lie on the cardboard and just draw around him.

Cut out the silhouette. This can be done using scissors or a craft knife.

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Decorate the silhouette as appropriate and leave any glue to dry, preferably overnight.

Add handles onto the back of the silhouette, if you'll be using it as part of a costume. Glue or tape two extra bits of cardboard at an appropriate point of the back of the silhouette so they form loops that you can hold.