How to make a pom pom bunny tail costume

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Although bunnies are often associated with Easter, a bunny costume can be used for Halloween or school plays, as well. If you need a quick and easy bunny costume, you could choose to purchase one from your local costume store. However, commercially made costumes are often expensive.

To save money and time driving around time to find the right costume for you, create your own using a sweatsuit, headband and some felt.

Wear a solid coloured sweatsuit or one-piece footsie pyjamas. Real bunnies are white, black, brown or grey. However, since this is a costume, you can choose any colour you would like. If you cannot find a sweatsuit in the colour you want, choose a white one and dye it with fabric dye, according to manufacturer's instructions.

Wear matching socks, shoes and gloves in the same colour as the suit. You can dye white canvas shoes and socks if necessary. Also, dye your pair of gloves if necessary to make them the same colour as your suit.

Draw a teardrop shape on a piece of felt in the same colour as your sweat suit. Cut it out. Trace the shape of it on a second piece of felt in the same colour to make a second bunny ear. Cut out two more pieces of felt in pink to create the inside of the ears. These should be roughly the same shape of first cutouts, only about 18 mm (3/4 inch) smaller all around. Hot glue the pink cutouts onto the larger cutouts. These are the bunny ears.

Use hot glue to attach the two ears onto a headband. Attach the ears at the 11 and 1 o'clock positions. These ears will hang down, like a lop-eared bunny.

Hot glue an 8-cm (3-inch) white pom to the back centre of the trousers. This is the bunny tail.

Add a pink tip to your nose using Halloween face paint and draw three whiskers on either side of your cheeks to finish the look.