How to Add Channels to Sky

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Adding extra TV channels to your Sky Television satellite receiver is one way to get more viewing choice in the United Kingdom. Sky TV broadcasts from the Astra satellite, which also transmits many "free-to-air" channels that cannot be accessed through the standard Sky TV electronic program guide (EPG). "Hidden" channels include regional BBC and ITV1 stations and many foreign language and special interest channels. To add these channels to your Sky Television receiver, you will need to know the correct satellite transponder, frequency and technical details. You can get this information for each channel from satellite television reception websites.

Press the "Services" button on your Sky TV remote control unit.

Scroll through the menu with the up and down buttons on your remote control, and select "Add Channels."

Enter the correct five digit number in the "Frequency" box, using the numeric pad on your remote control.

Move to the next menu item with the down button.

Use the right and left arrow buttons to select the correct "Polarity" setting. This will be either "V" or "H."

Use the up and down button to select the "FEC" option and choose the correct setting.

Use the up and down button to select the "Symbol Rate" option and choose the correct setting.

Scroll down to "Find Channels" and press the "Select" button on your remote control.

Select the channels you wish to save and press the yellow button on the remote control to store them.

Press "Backup" on your remote control to exit the "Add channels" menu.

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