Audi A4 Bumper Removal

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The Audi A4 is a European-designed sedan, equipped with stylish front and rear bumpers that will need to be removed when they are damaged in order to replace them with new ones. It takes less time and money to simply remove the front and rear bumpers from the A4 and install new ones, rather than trying to make repairs to the Audi's bumpers. The bumpers will also need to be removed from the vehicle when installing a body kit on the Audi A4.

Open the bonnet of the A4 and remove the T25 Torx screws from the top of the headlights and loosen the screws from the sides of the headlights, with a T25 Torx screwdriver, counterclockwise.

Slide out the headlights from the A4 and pull out the wiring from behind the headlights.

Remove all three nuts found at the Audi's front fenders with a ratchet wrench, counterclockwise, and pull out the two lower grilles found at the bottom edge of the front bumper near the fog lights. Loosen the bolts at the grilles with an Allen wrench, counterclockwise.

Remove all four screws found at the front wheel arches of the Audi with a T25 Torx screwdriver, in order to remove the arch liners.

Pull and detach the tubing and wiring for the fog lights, horn, and left headlight washer found on the driver side, at the inside of the front bumper. Detach the right headlight washer tubing at the passenger side of the bumper.

Slide out the front bumper from the Audi A4.

Open the Audi's boot and pull out the boot liners from both sides of the inside of the boot.

Remove all five nuts found at the left and right sides of the rear bumper with a ratchet wrench, counterclockwise.

Remove all three bolts from the rear wheel arches. Pull off the arch liners from the rear wheels and remove both screws found at the sides of the rear wheel arches.

Remove the two screws found at the bottom edge of the Audi's rear bumper with a T25 Torx screwdriver, and slide out the rear bumper. Lay on the floor to get better access to the bumper's screws.

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