Instructions for the Jabra OTE3

The Jabra OTE3 is a compact Bluetooth headset compatible with cellular devices equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This headset pairs wirelessly to your cellular device, enabling you to drive or perform other functions while talking on your phone.

The process of pairing your Jabra to your cellular device is quick and you don't need to know much about electronics in order to do it.

Press the "Power" button on the side of the Jabra and an LED light will flash on the headset. This signifies that the unit is on and is in pairing mode.

Turn on your cellular device and enable Bluetooth according to the instructions for your particular cell phone. Generally, you will need to access the main menu on your phone, and then choose the Bluetooth settings menu. Choose "On" to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and select to search for or add a new device. A list will appear on screen detailing the available Bluetooth devices in the area.

Select the "Jabra" heading from the list of available Bluetooth devices.

Enter "0000" when prompted. This is the pass code. The unit will then be paired with your phone.