How to Clean Cat Boots Images

Caterpillar is a leader among retailers specialising in heavy-duty work gear, not the least of which is footwear. Cat boots are durable, comfortable and offer protection for your feet, and with this comes a hefty price tag.

With a little care, you can protect your investment and get years of great wear out of your Cat boots.

Use an air compressor tank outfitted with a hose and nozzle to clean dirt and mud off your boots. Hold the nozzle close and nearly parallel to the boot to direct the high-pressure stream of air at the dirty area, and blow the dirt away. This is an effective method of removing surface dirt. If you do not have access to a compressor, use a stiff brush to brush off any excess dirt or mud.

Clean the boots with a leather or saddle soap approved for the material from which your boots are made. Follow the instruction that come with the cleaner you choose. Most require that you apply them and rub them in with a rag, allow them to stand for a few minutes, then use another rag to remove any excess lather. They don't typically require any rinsing.

Polish for smooth leathers, or spray with waterproofing for suede and other rough leathers.