How Do I Decorate a Birthday Party Room?

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The decor of a birthday room needs to immediately convey a festive sense of excitement the moment guests enter. While some people argue that decorating a birthday party room is different when decorating for a child versus an adult or a female versus a male, that's simply not true. The best birthday decorations are those that take into account the guest of honor's personal likes and dislikes and play up his personal preferences.

Purchase streamers and balloons in the guest of honor's favourite colours. For example, if her favourite colour is purple, select balloons and streamers in various shades of purple: lilac, lavender and royal purple. Do this even if the guest of honor's favourite colour is black. If you do select black streamers, select a second favourite colour of the birthday honoree so the room will have a bit of contrast.

Measure two colours of streamers to a length that is two feet longer than the length of one corner of the ceiling to the other corner of the ceiling, on a diagonal. Twist the two colours of streamers together, creating a spiral.

Tape one end of the spiral to one corner of the room. Tape the other end of the spiral to the other corner of the room, diagonally from the first corner. The streamers should dip slightly, creating a slight "smile" shape, hanging down from the ceiling. Repeat this process once more with the other two corners of the room, so that when finished, your streamers create an "x" shape.

Use paper or linen tablecloths over all the tables of the room in the guest of honor's favourite colour. Twist two streamers together and tape the spiral around the perimeter of each table, applying the tape only at each corner of the table. The streamers should dip slightly along each side of the table.

Purchase 50 to 100 helium-filled balloons in the designated colour or colours of the party. Make sure all the balloon have three-foot ribbons tied to them. Let the balloons float up freely.

Make a centrepiece for each table by filling plastic zipper bags with sand and adding a drop of food colouring. Shake the bags well and pour the coloured sand into a clean glass jar.

Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar in the guest of honor's favourite colour. If this is a children's party, put a miniature action figure or favourite type of toy of the child. For example, add a miniature Star Wars figure or Barbie doll. For an adult party, add a votive candle for an elegant effect.

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