How to Tie a Phiten Necklace

stretching image by Mitchell Knapton from

If you are experiencing muscle pain or stiffness, you may want to try wearing a Phiten necklace to soothe your pain---and maybe even improve your game, if you are an athlete. Phiten necklaces are popular among sports fans and professional athletes---according to ScienceLine.

org, Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox and Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks wear them---because the titanium inside the fabric coverings supposedly improves athletic ability. If you have a Phiten necklace and want to modify it, you can do so by tying it.

Lay your Phiten necklace out on the table in front of you. Fold the cord of the necklace into three equal sections lying next to each other. It should look like one long loop with the loose end sitting next to it, and all three sections should be parallel to each other.

Feed the section on the far right past the centre section (through the loop you created), and then pull the section on the far left past the section in the centre. What you are doing is tying the cord into a braided knot. The necklace will become increasingly shorter, so continue braiding until the necklace is the length that you want.

Tug the ends of the braid to straighten them out and make the whole braided section neat and even. You don't need to do any special knots at the end to secure the braid, because the end of the braided knot will stay put. Pull the ends gently to tighten the braided knot. By doing this, you can even turn your Phiten necklace into a bracelet if you do not want to wear it around your neck.

Put the necklace around your neck and snap the male and female ends together to secure it.