How do I Activate Bluetooth in a Mitsubishi Outlander?

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As of the 2010 model year, Bluetooth is available as a special order or dealer-installed option on the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV. Bluetooth allows the Outlander to communicate wirelessly with cell phones, allowing for hands-free phone calls when a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone is paired with a Bluetooth-equipped Outlander. To pair a cell phone to the Mitsubishi Outlander, the devices must be paired once, and a four-digit PIN number must be used to verify the connection between the two devices.

Turn on your phone. Once it powers on, turn on Bluetooth by entering the "Menu" and then selecting "Options." Locate the "Bluetooth" option and ensure that the connection is turned on. This process varies slightly between phones, but Bluetooth set-up is normally contained in the "Options" menu.

Press and release the speech button on the steering wheel. This button has a picture of a face with three lines coming out of it, indicating speech. After releasing the button, wait for a beep to come over the audio system.

Say "Set-up" after hearing the beep. Next, say "Pairing options" and then "Pair" to mate your Mitsubishi Outlander and Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

Enter a pairing PIN number that associates your Outlander with your cell phone. This PIN number should be four digits long, and "0000" is an acceptable PIN number, as the PIN is used only once, during the pairing process.

Open the Bluetooth menu on your phone once more and select the option to "Search" or "Search for new device."

Select the Bluetooth connection named "Mitsubishi" on your phone and press "Enter" or "OK" to select the Outlander's Bluetooth system as your preferred Bluetooth connection.

Enter the PIN number you created in Step 4 and press the "Enter" or "OK" button to finalise the pairing process.

Enter a name for this Bluetooth pairing connection if prompted by your phone. Some devices automatically use the name of the Bluetooth device on the Outlander as the connection name, but you may be prompted to create a unique name for the connection, if you wish.

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