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Connecting a Computer to a Coax Cable

Updated March 23, 2017

Coax cables, a short name for coaxial cables, are used by cable companies to bring cable into your home. Coax cables are the black cables you have seen going from your wall cable outlet to your television or cable box. In addition to using a coax cable to bring cable to your television, you can connect a coax cable to your computer, allowing you to view cable programs using your monitor.

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  1. Look at your coax cable, the wall outlet and the back of your computer. Determine if your computer has a coax cable jack. If your computer does not have the coax cable jack, visit your local computer or hardware store to purchase an adaptor. Write down the names of the connectors your computer has before visiting the store to ensure you purchase an adaptor that will work with your computer. Draw a picture or write down a description if you do not know the names of the connectors.

  2. Connect one end of the coax cable to the cable wall outlet by inserting the connector on the coax cable and tightening the metal piece on the coax cable connector. The metal piece on the connector and the outlet jack both have grooves and by tightening this piece, you will secure the connection of the coax cable to the outlet.

  3. Take the other end of the coax cable and connect it to the cable jack on your computer. Tighten the metal piece by hand to secure the connection. Connect the cable to your adaptor if your computer is not equipped with the cable jack and then connect the adaptor end into the proper space on the computer.

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