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How to become a grid girl

Updated February 21, 2017

A grid girl adds a little glamour to the start of a motor or bike race. Generally the girls are beautiful, and are often actually professional models; the girls are paid reasonably well and it gives them excellent exposure for future modelling work.

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  1. Compile a portfolio of pictures of yourself. You will require modelling shots to entice agencies, teams or venues to make you a grid girl. Hire a professional photographer to take these shots, as you will want the pictures to be as professional as possible.

  2. Join a modelling agency, preferably one with link to racing. When teams and venues look for grid girls modelling agencies will be their first port of call. Apply to as many appropriate modelling agencies as you can find, and getting accepted to one could open the door to work as a grid girl or as a model in other fields.

  3. Send an application to companies which supply grid girls to races. would be an example of this in the United Kingdom, but they are far from being the only type of company which provides this service. If you are accepted it will provide direct access into the race.

  4. Apply to competitions which could result in you becoming a grid girl. Although joining a modelling agency which provides grid girls is the most reliable way to become one, you should not discount the competitions and searches that many of the venues and teams carry out. An example of these competitions can be found in the resources section.

  5. Forward your portfolio to the teams and venues. If none of the more professional avenues are proving fruitful then you should go directly to the people that matter. If the right person receives your portfolio and is impressed then it could provide access to becoming a grid girl.

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