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How to Open a Sentry 1330 Dial-Type Safe

Updated February 21, 2017

Since 1932, Sentry has designed and manufactured a wide range of fire-resistant safes. The Sentry 1330 is a floor fire safe designed to bolt securely to wood or masonry floors or offer portability with an optional wheel kit. Opening your Sentry 1330 safe isn't difficult. The 1330 has a simple three-digit combination lock that opens with the turn of a dial. As long as you have your safe's combination, you can use the dial to open it.

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  1. Place your fingertips on the grip-style dial on the front of your Sentry 1330.

  2. Turn the dial left at least three full revolutions, so “0” passes the pointer at least three times. Continue turning the dial until the first number of your combination aligns with the pointer.

  3. Move the dial right through a complete revolution. Turn the dial right again, but stop when the second number of your combination rests in front of the pointer.

  4. Dial left and stop when the third number and pointer line up.

  5. Grasp the safe's handle, push down on it and pull the door toward you to open the safe.

  6. Tip

    If you don't have your safe's three-digit combination, go to the Sentry Safe Recover Your Combination website and follow the instructions in the "Request Your Combination by Mail or Fax" section. Sentry requires that you not only send the safe's model and serial numbers located on a small label on the outside of the safe near the door hinge, but that you also include a notarised form that shows you're the safe's owner or the executor of the estate of a deceased person. If your safe has a broken dial, contact a locksmith for assistance.


    Your combination won't work if you turn the dial too many times or don't stop as directed. Sentry charges a fee for combination retrieval.

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Things You'll Need

  • Sentry 1330 three-digit combination

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