How to Download a Picture From a Casio Exilim EX-S10 to a Computer

usb 3 image by Bosko Martinovic from

The Exilim EX-S10 is a digital camera manufactured by Casio. If you have a Casio Exilim EX-S10 you may be at a loss as to how to transfer the pictures from the camera to your computer.

Luckily, transferring the files requires no special technical knowledge and you won't even have to install any additional software to complete the transfer. As with many other digital cameras, the EX-S10 connects to the computer via a USB cable connection.

Turn on the EX-S10 and press the "Menu" button. Navigate to the "Set Up" tab, choose "USB" and press the right directional button. Highlight "Mass Storage" and press the "Set" button on the camera.

Turn off the camera and plug the USB cable into the camera and computer. Turn the camera back on and wait for Windows to recognise the camera.

Choose "Open folder to view files" or a similar message, which may differ by your version of Windows. Look for the folder labelled "DCIM" and drag it to your desktop by clicking it once and holding down the mouse button while you move the cursor to your desktop before releasing the button.

Disconnect the camera and turn it off. View your pictures by navigating the folders and subfolders of "DCIM."