How to regrip a squash racket

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Avid squash players have their racket grips replaced from time to time due to sweat, dirt and grime build-up. The cost of having the grip replaced by a professional can add up. Learning how to replace your own grip can save time and money. Your first attempts may be a little awkward, but with a little practice and patience, you will be re-gripping like a pro.

Remove the old grip. Unwrap the finish tape at the top of the grip. Slowly unwind the old grip. Ripping it off quickly may result in some of the adhesive backing remaining on the handle.

Clean the handle thoroughly. Use an old rag with rubbing alcohol to remove any sticky adhesive. If necessary, use fine-grit sand paper to sand the handle clean.

Unwrap the new replacement grip. Notice that the grip comes with a piece of finish tape, one end has a square cut and the other has an angled cut. Also note the protective cellophane film on the front side and a paper strip covering the adhesive on the back side. Remove the cellophane from the front side of the grip.

Hold the racket in your left hand, perpendicular to the floor and with the head pointing towards the floor. Start with the angled end of the grip and remove about 30 cm (12 inches) of the protective paper strip from the back of the new grip. Adhere this end to the butt end of the handle. Hold the grip in place with the thumb of your left hand and with your right hand wrap the grip around the handle counter-clockwise.

Turn the handle with your left hand and continue to wrap the new grip around the hand in an angled fashion. Peel off the protective strip from the back of the grip as you wrap and overlap the previous wrap about 3 mm (1/8 inch). Keep the grip taut.

Continue until you get to the top of the handle, where the shaft and handle meet. With scissors, make a straight cut across the new grip, perpendicular to the shaft and even with the top of the handle. This end should now have an angled cut. Finish by securing the grip with the provided finish tape.

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