DIY Confetti Cannon

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If you are putting together and organising a New Year's Eve party in your home, it can be costly to purchase decorations from a party supply store that are on theme for the event. One solution is to make some of the party decorations and favours yourself using craft supplies. For example, you can create your own confetti cannons using basic household items, such as an empty paper towel tube and a paper cup.

Paint the outside of a paper towel tube and small paper cup using acrylic paint. This will make the confetti cannon more decorative and festive. Allow the paint to dry for 20 minutes.

Press the tips of four brass brads two inches below one end of the tube. Once the tips are through the tube, spread out the tips to secure the brass brads in place. Space the brads out evenly, placing the brads opposite from each other around the tube.

Wrap a rubber band around one of the brads, then stretch it across to the opposing brad. Repeat this process to wrap a second rubber band across the other two brads. The two rubber bands should be crossed over one hole of the paper towel tube.

Insert the paper cup through the opening of the tube with the opening of the cup facing out. Push the cup all the way to the end until it presses against the crossed rubber bands.

Fill the cup with confetti, pull back the cup and release it to launch the confetti through the air.

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