How to Use Umlauts in WordPad

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An umlaut is two dots over a vowel, primarily used in the German language. You can type both upper case and lower case letters with an umlaut in WordPad by using each character's "Alt" key numeric code. These codes involve the numeric keypad on your keyboard, which is usually a separate block of number keys to the right on a full-sized keyboard or a set of differently coloured numbers superimposed on certain letter keys accessible by holding down the "Fn" key on a laptop. Memorising these codes can make typing umlauts in WordPad faster.

Open a new document in WordPad.

Hold down "Alt."

Type the following codes on your numeric keypad to make the corresponding letter:

0196: Ä

0203: Ë

0207: Ï

0214: --

0220: Ü

0159: Ÿ

0228: ä

0235: ë

0239: ï

0246: ö

0252: ü

0255: ÿ

Release the "Alt" key. The letter, with an umlaut, appears in WordPad.

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