How to wrap hampers

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Hampers are used to hold a collection of objects for gift giving and are also known as “gift baskets.” Professionally wrapped hampers are elegant and now you can create the same look at home. Hampers generally contain a theme, such as kitchen items or food. When possible, select a wrap design that reflects the theme.

Purchase cellophane wrap on a roll from a hobby store. Rolls come in 20, 30 and 40 inch widths. Cellophane rolls come in a variety of colours and designs. Purchase a width that is at least twice the width of the hamper that is being covered.

Place the roll of cellophane on a flat surface and unroll enough wrap to cover the hamper, plus an extra 2 feet of cellophane. Center the hamper on the wrap. Lift up the front and back of the wrap. Position the hamper until there is at least 1 foot of wrap exceeding the tallest point of the hamper. Use scissors to cut the wrap from the roll and lay the wrap flat on the table.

Position the hamper with the front facing forward. Pull the back and front of the wrap up and make adjustments until the top is even. Release your right hand from the top of the wrap and lift the right side of the wrap up and press against the right side of the hamper. Carefully fold the back toward the front and then the front toward the back. Place clear tape to secure the wrap. This is the same technique used when folding wrapping paper over the end of a gift box. Repeat this method on the left side of the hamper.

Use both hands to gather the cellophane at the top of the hamper. Squeeze the cellophane as close to the top of the hamper as possible. Tug at different points of the top to tighten the cellophane. Wrap one twist tie to secure the gathered wrap. Attach a large bow or fancy ribbon to finish the hamper.