How to Remove Sticky Spots From Leather Furniture

leather rocker recliner image by James Phelps from

When sticky food and similar substances come into contact with your leather furniture, you often remove the majority of the spill but are still left with a sticky, unattractive residue.

To get rid of the sticky spots, you must consider what type of cleaning ingredients will remove the sticky build-up while also incorporating a moisturising element that will prevent the leather furniture from becoming overly dry. The dryness of the leather leads to cracking and other damage that should be prevented at all costs.

Wipe the sticky spots with a damp cleaning cloth to remove much of the sticky residue.

Mix 2 tbsp linseed oil and 1 tsp vinegar in a small bowl.

Dip the edge of a clean cloth in the mixture, squeeze out excess with your fingers, and wipe over the leather.

Buff the area dry with a clean cloth to get rid of excess cleaning solution, and repeat if any sticky residue is still present.