How to design an ensuite bathroom

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The en suite bathroom is typically attached to a bedroom, making it a private bathroom for the person who sleeps in the bedroom and providing a unique decorating opportunity. There are a few things you can do to decorate your en suite bathroom (from the French phrase "en suite," meaning two connected rooms) so it conforms to the bedroom's aesthetic.

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Use the same colours in your en suite bathroom as your bedroom. If your bedroom has a blue carpet, for example, use blue items in the bathroom, including towels, soap dishes and backsplash tiling. The trickle of colour will unite the two rooms.

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Decorate your bathroom will small pieces that reflect the theme of your bedroom. If your bedroom is designed with a country theme, for example, bring that into your bathroom. Purchase a country-themed shower curtain--one with rural, woodsy colours such as green, brown and tan)-- or hang some hand-woven wooden picture frames.

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Make your en suite bathroom as useful as possible. Many such bathrooms are spacious and contain extra cabinetry and shelving space. Use the space for your laundry or for extra clothing storage. Place a decorative hamper in the style of your theme in the bathroom. Country themes may use a wicker basket, while modern themes may go with a tin basket, for example. Place a shelf against an empty wall. The shelf, too, should match the aesthetic and the colour scheme. Some shelves are ornate and colourful, while others are simple and more modern.

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