How to Make a No-Glue Linoleum Floor Flatten Out

Laying a no-glue linoleum floor is a simple way to cover your floors. You don't have the mess of using glue, and you can still manoeuvre the linoleum over the floor if you have a problem. Linoleum comes in a variety of colours, patterns and styles. Putting linoleum onto your floor will last for years. Linoleum requires little maintenance, but if you have an area that won't lie flat, then there is a simple fix you can do in a short amount of time.

Heat and flatten the vinyl floor covering using the hair dryer. Use a low heat setting, and gently heat the area of linoleum that doesn't lie flat.

Put a small amount of flooring adhesive onto a putty knife. Spread the floor adhesive over the back of the linoleum. Place the linoleum back onto the floor.

Use a rolling pin and roll it across the floor to press the linoleum against the floor. Keep rolling until the linoleum is flat.

Wipe the floor surface with a damp rag immediately if any adhesive has squished out onto the floor or wall.

Place a board on top of the area you just glued down. You will need to place something heavy onto the board to help weight it down. Leave the weighted board in place until the adhesive sets up.

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