How to Use Bissell Proheat Pro-Tech

The Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech is a brand and model of vacuum. It is designed to deep clean carpeted floors. The machine is designed to heat up the special cleaning formula and mix it with hot tap water. The mixture is sprayed onto the floor and works the cleaning agent deep into carpet fibres. This Bissell machine dampens the carpet and suctions dirty water into a removable tank located on the base of the machine. Using this vacuum is simple once you know a few basics.

Lift the shampoo bottle out of the base of the vacuum cleaner. Turn the bottle so that the lid faces up and remove the lid. Fill the bottle up to the line with Bissell Fiber Cleanser Formula. If you cannot find this Bissell product, read other product labels to find out if they are compatible with Bissell ProHeat products. Twist the lid back on and put the bottle back into the base of the vacuum.

Step on the release peddle to reveal the water tank. Lift the handle to unlock the tank. Remove it from the vacuum base and carry it like a bucket to the sink. Lift the lid off the tank and set it to the side.

Fill the inner bladder of the tank with water. Replace the lid and pull the handle into carrying position. Put the tank back into the machine base and push the handle down to latch it into place.

Select a cleaning power with the dial. Choose between "Water Rinse," "Normal," and "High Traffic" settings.

Plug the machine in. Turn on the power switch and the temperature control switch, which are located right next to each other. Wait for two minutes for the water to heat up. If you are steaming Oriental or delicate rugs, you may not want to use the heated cleaning solution. Hand tools don't operate with heated cleaning solution either.

Press the formula trigger button and make a slow pass forward and backward, which will wet the carpet.

Stop pressing the trigger button. Run the machine back and forth over the dampened area until you stop seeing the machine pull up water from the carpet. Repeat on different sections until the carpet is clean.

Remove the tank using instructions from step 2, dump out the dirty water and place it back in the machine when you're finished.

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