How to Clean Dutailier Cushion Covers

Dutailier is a Canadian furniture company that specialises in chairs. The company started manufacturing gliders, a type of rocking chair, in 1988 and expanded its repertoire to include reclining chairs for the living room. Many of Dutailier's products include cushions that are covered in upholstery or microfibers. Cleaning Dutailier cushion covers on a regular basis keeps your furniture looking new for a number of years.

Vacuum your Dutailier glider or easy chair every couple of weeks to remove surface dust, pet hair and other debris that collects. Use a furniture or pet brush attachment for easy cleaning.

Clean liquid spills off Dutailier cushion covers immediately to prevent seepage of the fluid into the cushion itself. Blot the liquid with a paper towel to remove as much excess moisture as possible.

Apply a foamy or water-based upholstery cleaner to a soft white cloth. Spot-test the cleaner on a hidden area of the cushion cover before you clean a large section to eliminate the possibility of altering the colour of your Dutailier furniture. If the cushion cover remains colour-fast, continue with your stain-removal methods.

Rub stains gently with your cloth, working from the middle of the stain outward. Scrubbing too hard may damage the surface of your cushion cover. Rinse your cloth and apply more cleaning fluid if needed.

Rinse your cloth with plain water and wipe down the cushion cover.

Dry your wet Dutailier cushion with a hair dryer, on the hot-air setting. Work from the outside of the stain into the centre with the hot air.

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