How to care for chenille sofa fabric

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Chenille is a woven fabric that is soft as well as durable. Chenille is commonly used in upholstery. Caring for a chenille sofa requires cleaning it as soon you notice spots. This will prevent them from developing into stains. Perform a basic cleaning process every few months to remove everyday dust, dirt and grime.

Because chenille sofas have sensitive upholstery padding and wood, never pour water directly onto the upholstery and use as little liquid as possible to remove the stain.

Remove the detachable cushions and armrest covers. Do not attempt to remove any items of the sofa that are not readily detachable.

Brush the entire surface of the chenille soda with an upholstery brush. This will move the fabric's nap to loosen dirt that you may be unable to remove when you vacuum.

Vacuum the entire surface of the chenille sofa with the brush attachment on your vacuum. Be careful to clean the brush attachment before you use it to make sure it doesn't spread dirt from your floor onto your sofa. Chenille picks up dirt easily.

Mix 1 tbsp liquid dish soap with 1 cup warm water. Use mild dish soap that does not contain bleach or a lot of fragrance. Bleach can change the colour and fragrances can leave a thick residue on the sofa.

Beat the mixture vigorously until a generous amount of suds form.

Apply only the suds to the spot on the sofa with a clean, dry sponge. Try not to get the sponge wet, but it is acceptable if you get a small amount of water on it.

Rub the soap suds into the stain to remove it. Be careful not to spread the stain.

Allow the sofa to dry completely.