How to Take the Ball Out of a Monroe Piercing

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Monroe piercings are an oral piercing located above the upper lip. Also known by the name "Beauty Mark" or "Madonna," Monroe piercings have only two options for jewellery. The fishtail labret is less common in a Monroe piercing than a flat-back labret stud.

The flat-back labret stud consists of three pieces; a ball, post and flat disk. The flat disk rests inside the mouth, the post is in the piercing tunnel and the ball shows on the face. Jewels and designs, such as stars, are available for the ball section of the Monroe jewellery.

Rinse the inside of your mouth with a mouthwash. Wash your hands with a mild soap and warm water. Remove any crust on the Monroe jewellery with the soap and water. Dry your hands with a paper towel to avoid bacteria from hand or bath towels. Use a paper towel to turn off the faucet.

Put on a pair of Latex gloves. The gloves help to grip the jewellery in the mouth when saliva is present. Open your mouth and grab your upper lip with your right hand on the side where the Monroe piercing is located. Pull the upper lip away from your gum. Grab the flat disk of the Monroe jewellery with your left hand, pinching the disk between your thumb and index finger.

Remove the right hand from holding the upper lip. Allow the upper lip to rest on the fingers of the left hand gripping the flat disk. Grab the ball on the front of the Monroe jewellery with your right hand. Hold the flat disk firmly.

Turn the ball on the Monroe jewellery to the left. Watch for the threading of the ball to appear as the ball becomes loose. Continue turning the ball until the threading of the ball ends and separates from the post. Place the ball in a plastic bag and dispose of the gloves in the trash.