How to Prevent Gum Recession With a Tongue Piercing

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If you have or want to get your tongue pierced, it is important to receive proper care to avoid infection and gum recession. Gum recession, or periodontitis, is a very common problem with tongue piercings due to the jewellery rubbing against the gums.

This can eventually lead to exposed roots, which cause much pain and, eventually, loss of teeth.

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash on a daily basis to prevent infection. If you don't have mouthwash available, rinse your mouth with peroxide.

Use a segment ring (hoop jewelery that opens when you twist it) or exclusively bioplast tongue jewellery, such as barbells. Bioplast works best due to the consistency and flexibility of the plastic material. This type of jewellery does not interfere with the body's cells and tissue, and therefore can prevent gum recession.

Avoid smoking, as smoking coupled with a tongue piercing can give you an added risk of getting gum disease.