How to Delete a Hotmail Account

Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Hotmail is a free, Web-based e-mail service. Hotmail accounts store all your received Hotmail e-mails, as well as copies of sent e-mails and contact information. If you don't use Hotmail, delete your Hotmail account and personal information using Hotmail's "Close Your Account" page.

Open the Hotmail sign-in page.

Sign in to your Hotmail account by type your Hotmail e-mail address into the "Windows Live ID" box, hitting "Tab," typing your password into the "Password" box, then clicking "Sign In."

Open the Help pop-up window by clicking the question mark icon at the top right of the Hotmail page, then clicking "Help."

Click "Table of Contents" in the Help window, click "Set up a Windows Live Hotmail Account," then click "Close Your Account."

Click "Close a Free Windows Live Hotmail Account."

Click "Close Account" on the "Close Your Account" page.

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