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How to Create Riddles for a Treasure Hunt

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating riddles for a treasure hunt is a challenge for even the most accomplished wordsmith. You need to create riddles that are catchy and understandable, yet are tricky and require thought. Writing rhyming and alliterative riddles can enhance a treasure hunt, and be a main reason that a treasure hunt is tough but enjoyable. Arm yourself with a good thesaurus and rhyming dictionary for the adventure ahead.

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  1. Create or obtain a list of all of the hiding places that will be used for your treasure hunt, as well as what items will be hidden at each location. If possible, view each item and hiding place so you have an idea of how to describe them.

  2. Write down notes about each hidden item and hiding place so you have information to work with when writing the riddles. For example, you may want to say, "The rubber duck is hidden in a hole near the oak tree." This will allow you to write complex clues for each riddle.

  3. Select certain hidden items and decide which will have rhyming riddles, and which will have alliterative riddles. By having two types of riddles, you will keep treasure-hunters on their toes, wondering what kind of riddle will be found next.

  4. Write your riddles. Write rhyming riddles, and ensure that these are creative yet understandable. For example, for the rubber duck hidden in a hole near the tree, you may say "You'll need to duck under a tree, to find this creature - it's shady." For a shoe on a shelf, you can say, "It's not by Skechers or Jimmy Choo, but it's indoors at an eye level view." For alliterative riddles, write riddles such as "Beyond the boat and by the bay, bring back the big blue ball." This would work for an inflatable globe. Or, for a hidden beach shovel, you can say "Seeking something under the sand? Pick up this prize by the pool."

  5. Hide each riddle with a non-matching piece of buried treasure, allowing the person who finds the treasure to find the next prize. Alternaitively, keep the riddles in a selected place where players can pick up a new riddle each time they find a piece of treasure.

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Things You'll Need

  • Thesaurus
  • Rhyming dictionary

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