How to Make a Horse Mask

Horse masks are perfect for parties or just for a fun, artistic activity. Take an afternoon, get the family together and make this easy craft. Making horses masks can be assembled in minuted. The key is to take the design of the horse mask and allow the child to have fun creating the horses mask in their own way.

Take a piece of the light brown foam and cut a circle that is seven inches in diameter. This is the base of the horses face. Depending on size of child's face will depend on a smaller or larger foam for face. When you place the form up to the child's face, the foam should cover the child's face.

Cut out eyes with scissors on the round piece of foam. To decide where the eyes go, place the foam on the child's face and use the pen to draw lines where the eyes should go. Then use the lines as a guide and cut out the eyes on the foam.

Use the dark brown foam and cut out a piece of foam that resembles the mane, which is the horses hair that comes over their face. Once the mane is cut out, use the hot glue gun to glue the brown piece of foam above the eyes of the horses mask.

Create the nose by cutting out a light brown piece of foam in a trapezoid shape. This will mean the sides will be straight and the ends will have two dimensions. The trapezoid will be the nose. The length should be 7" x 6" x 4" x 6". For a smaller child, take the first length and just make smaller by cutting dimensions in half.

Cut another piece for dark foam for the jawline three inches in diameter. You can then cut these in half and glue on either side of the horses nose. This is a great place to let the kids decide where to place the parts of the horses mask, and let their creativity come alive.

Cut two half moons for the horses ears and glue where the ears should go. This can be as small or large as the child wants the ears to be.

Use the pens to decorate the horses mask. Give the horse character by using different colours or write the name of the child somewhere on the mask.

Use white pieces of foam and cut out small sections which can be glued on the horses face.

Take a hole puncher and punch out holes on either side of the horses mask. Then take string and work threw holes. Tye a knot on the back side of child's head making the horses mask secure on face and head. This should not be too tight.

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