How to train a samoyed to stop barking

Samoyed image by Nickolay Bolshakov from

Samoyeds, like many Northern breeds, have a tendency to bark. In fact, according to the Samoyed Rescue Alliance, excessive barking is one of the reasons many folks give their Samoyeds up for adoption.

Fortunately, if you practice a few techniques and are devoted to their success, you can stop your Samoyed from barking excessively.

Exercise your Samoyed, suggests the Samoyed Rescue Alliance. A Samoyed with pent-up energy tends to bark more than one that had the opportunity to physically exert itself. If a Samoyed is exhausted, it is likely too tired to bark. Exercise your Samoyed by going for walks or runs, enrolling him in an agility class, or visiting dog parks to allow it to run around.

Reward your Samoyed when it is quiet. Give her treats and affection when it is not barking. Eventually, she will associate the rewards with quiet behaviour.

Ignore your Samoyed's barking, says Samoyed Rescue Alliance. Some owners unintentionally teach their Samoyeds that barking will get them what they want. For instance, if your Samoyed is outside and wants to come in, it may bark at the door. If you open the door to make it stop, you are rewarding and reinforcing barking behaviour by giving it what it was asking for. Rather, let your Samoyed in once it stops barking and is quiet. It will eventually learn that not barking will open the door.