How to Hot-wire an E-Z Go Golf Cart

golf cart image by Earl Robbins from

A golf cart is a small vehicle designed to carry at most two passengers and some equipment. Most golf carts are electrically powered, although some gas-powered models are in circulation. Though they originated for use on the golf course, the electric carts have become popular in small residential communities as well because they are quiet and virtually emission-free. Golf carts typically require a key to start, but if you've lost your key, or if you just want to experiment with the car's hardware, it is fairly easy to hot-wire a golf cart.

Put on the gloves. You'll need these to protect against possible electric shock.

Lift the bench seat of the golf cart. It should lift from back to front.

Find the ignition wires. They should be toward the front of the compartment you just opened up, ahead of the batteries or gas motor. Only two wires lead to the ignition.

Cut each wire and strip the end.

Twist together the ends of the two wires. The engine should start upon connection of the wires.

Wrap the connected wire ends with electrician's tape. For a more secure connection, screw a wire nut over the twisted-together wires.

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