How to Paint a GS 1150 Motorcycle Engine

engine image by peter Hires Images from

The GS 1150 engine belongs to the BMW R 1150 GS Adventure motorcycle. The motorcycle is made for all roads and most trails, and many riders choose to paint their GS 1150 engine to give the motorcycle more curb appeal.

Beyond the aesthetic concerns, however, painting the engine also provides protection against the elements and helps prevents oxidation.

Remove any hang-on parts from the motorcycle that are not to be painted. Hang-on parts include the gas tank, carburettor, seat, and plug wires.

Clean the engine with soap and water to remove any dirt and grim on the engine. Let it dry thoroughly.

Using masking tape and newspaper, cover all engine parts that are to be left unpainted. The rocker boxes and pushrod tubes should not be painted.

Apply a light coat of paint to the engine using a spray gun and aerosol engine paint. Let the paint dry for several minutes then apply another light coat of paint. Laying the paint on with several light coats will prevent runs in the paint.

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Remove the masking tape from the unpainted engine parts.

Reinstall the hang-on parts that were removed during the first step.