How to keep glitter on fabric

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Holiday sparkles and fancy clothing might make a splash at the party, but leaving behind a trail of glitter isn't a big hit with anyone. Keeping glitter on fabrics is a challenge that must be addressed with each wearing or use of the glitter-adorned fabric. Most fashion glitter is applied to fabric with an adhesive and is not a part of the fabric fibres, allowing time and wear to release the glitter so it falls from the clothing or fabric home decor object.

Take the fabric article with the adhered glitter outside and shake vigorously to remove any loose glitter. If the glitter is already loose, nothing will stop it from falling off, so removal of this glitter is in your best interest.

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Place a towel on a bed or other flat surface to protect the surface from the hairspray. An extra bed sheet will also work to protect the surface beneath from the stickiness of the hairspray.

Place the glitter-laden fabric on top of the towel. Spread out the object so it is flat. If your fabric that contains glitter has sleeves, spread them out flat with no creases. If your fabric article has zippers or buttons, fasten all closures as if you were wearing them until you are finished applying the hairspray to the glitter area.

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Hold a can of aerosol hairspray, any brand or hold capacity will suffice, about 10 inches from the glitter area of the fabric article. According to Robbie's Handy Household Tips, "Spray with aerosol hairspray to make it stay put." Hairspray is an adhesive used to hold hair in place. Lightweight glitter will be "glued" to the fabric surface for the time being by the hairspray. You will need to apply hairspray to the glitter every time you wear the article, or every time you use the household decor object.

Depress the can nozzle and spray the glitter with hairspray. Allow the hairspray and glitter fabric to dry. Put on the garment as usual or place the home decor object where desired.

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