How to stop satin from fraying

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One loose thread on a strand of satin can lead to the complete unravelling of the fabric unless you rectify the situation immediately. The delicate material is susceptible to fraying if it is not cut the correct way or is handled often by people. Satin is available in a variety of different types including synthetic; however, the methods to stop fraying will work on any variety. Stop the fraying before it begins, or shortly after, by using items you have in the house.

Cut satin ribbon on an angle to help prevent fraying. Hold the ribbon at a 45-degree angle and use sharp scissors to create a clean cut across the ribbon. Scissors that are not sharp enough might pull the satin, creating additional fraying.

Trim the end of the ribbon in a "V" shape with sharp scissors. This is another way to cut satin ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying. Simply angle the scissors so the tip of the "V' is inward, not outward.

Light a candle and use the heat to singe the edges of satin to prevent fraying. Hold the satin in one hand, over the sink in case the ribbon catches fire. Depending on the size of the candle flame, the satin should be 5 to 12.5 cm (2 to 5 inches) away from the heat source. Hold the candle down and slowly raise it upward towards the satin until the fibres start to singe. Move the candle back and forth under the satin to singe the fibres and prevent fraying.

Apply clear nail polish to the end of the satin to stop fraying. Place the satin on a piece of cardboard, and apply the polish with the nail brush. The nail polish will harden the fibres and prevent them from fraying.

Buy an anti-fray treatment specifically designed to prevent satin from fraying. There are different types of anti-fray treatments; all are available at arts and craft or fabric shops. To apply the treatment, lay the satin on a piece of cardboard and apply a small amount of fray treatment to the edge of the satin. Allow it to dry completely, up to 30 minutes, before removing the cardboard.

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